Since 1974, a group of artists in Hamilton, Ontario has been coming together for mutual inspiration, support and arts promotion. Their styles, media, and subjects are diverse; the quality of their work is extraordinary. Current members of The Tiger Group are:

Rick Cook - A master at contemporary figurative work. Themes cover Mythology, History, and the Now. His rendering of the human form is beyond photographic.

Lesley Cordero - The most important elements of Lesley's art are colour, texture and form, and how they relate to the overall composition or structure of the piece.

Gary Osland - Although the majority of his watercolour work is in landscapes, acrylics have allowed him to expand his interest and technique further and experiment with abstract.

Bill Powell - Bill takes a colorful impressionistic approach to landscapes, still lifes, and musicians in watercolors, oils, and drawings.

Eric Ranveau - originally from France, Eric brings his training and sensitivity to his unique style and technique. No matter the subject, he makes it radiate.